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Overview December 11, 2011

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Our blog explores the significance of The Fresco Painting in Memorial Hall and it’s connection to the University and the state of Kentucky. We researched the artist behind the work of art: Ann Rice O’Hanlon.  We analyzed the background of the painting as well as the artist’s life long journey, the other pieces that she has created through out her lifetime, but most importantly her purpose behind her work, and each scenes historical value. All these pieces together lead to the large Fresco painting that portrays the scenes from early Lexington and central Kentucky.  It shows how cultural development started and affected the area of Lexington at the time, which was found to be very intriguing since we are from out of state. The Fresco was completed in 1934 which means there is a lot of Kentucky history . During our research we found out why it was chosen to be put on campus in such a populated area, what the purpose of doing so was, and how it makes the people that see it everyday feel. The historical value of the piece is also very important as the events depicted effected the Kentucky we know and see today.





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